We believe capital to invest in a business is a commodity. What is unique is the ability to find, partner, and support successful business leadership teams and provide them real assistance in achieving their goals. Our views of best practices in running and building great businesses derive from our founders’ experience operating, advising, and observing a multitude of companies and approaches.

Investment Philosophy

We love business and are true believers in the power of free markets. We look for businesses that have the opportunity to become leaders in their markets and which generally meet the following criteria:

  • Companies with or in a position to build true competitive advantage
  • Companies with motivated and capable management
  • Companies with strong and consistent free cash flow potential
  • Companies that have or could benefit from a decentralized model
  • Customer-centric businesses
  • Scalable companies in fragmented markets


Business Philosophy

While the learning process never ends, certain trends of success have consistently proven themselves and drive our investment model. These practices include:

  • Empowering teams with authority and accountability
  • Emphasizing and motivating teams
  • Fostering leadership based on humility, integrity, and curiosity
  • Building winning culture through consistency
  • Basing decisions on rigorous evaluation of facts (over opinions) – wisdom of crowds wins
  • Monitoring results not explanations
  • Continuously exceeding the needs of customers
  • Continually honing competitive advantage
  • Being decisive in acquisition integration